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Building Resilience 

Sustainable Food System in Moray and Highlands
Education, Planning, Growing, Harvesting, 
Storing, Processing, Distributing

A Scottish food project, born in the Findhorn Foundation and community with the support of Transition Town Forres & Movement, Forum for Sustainability MorayHead of Low Carbon and Clean Tech Highlands and Islands Enterprise.  

Inspired by the Moray and Highlands communal aspiration for sustainable living, the purpose is to create a local communal food sustainability system within Moray. 


100% Resilient Food Security 0% Waste Course 

7-8 May 2016 Exclusive in Scotland The Natural Step (TNS) and Circular Economy together. Accredited TNS Level 1

Here the updated food security Infographi Report March 2016

The focus is Food, related to health, affordability and environmental sustainability, through Circular Economy and Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development. FSSD* In the business world, this framework is known as The Natural Step Framework after the Swedish international non-profit NGO promoting it.   


This virtual and physical platform we aspire to create with the contribution of public, private and third sectors, will serve education, transport, health, energy reduction, farmers, producers, sellers, buyers, public services and the final food eaters. 

In this phase of the project with Moray Forum for Environment and Sustainabilty TSIMoray, with hundreds of organisations in Moray under their umbrella, other local food growers and private and public protagonists we are analysing the actual food baseline in order to build a pilot case study and start to make roots on the local food and agriculture resilience. 


To know more about it, have accessibility to the mapping library have a look at the bottom of this page. To replicate the model in your area or to know how to cooperate please contact

Mapping Food Bioregion

Beside our map in continue evolution!

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Let us know about your food activity or business in the Bioregion... We are mapping with your help!


Supporting sustainable and local food, promoting access to healthy, low impact, local, seasonal and chemical free diets while reducing food waste. The Food and Agriculture Sector is deeply related with many sectors: Water  Systems, Transportation Systems, for movement of products and livestock; Energy, to power the equipment needed for agriculture production and food processing; Job and Governance, Health, Social and Economics, Financial Services, etc.

Behind this "mapping Building Food Resilience" in Moray and part of Highlands, the area we identified as our bioregion, is that there is more than enough abundance to meet our food needs, if we can identify and creatively utilise the skills, knowledge and resources that already exist between Moray and part of Highlands.


In this identified Scottish bioregion, we are gifted with huge agricultural capacities, indispensable to the Scottish economy with the important link between agriculture with food and drink industry. yet in the past fifty years we have gone from being relatively food self-sufficient to being quite dependent on off-island food imports. The challenges created by unpredictable and extreme weather have been a recurring topic over the last year. Farmers are calling for increased self-sufficiency. But can  Scotland feed itself sustainably? Look at this document the Scottish Governament has created to explain the future of food and agriculture, with the challenges and the opportunties is facing at the moment. 


It seems prudent for us to rethink our almost full dependence on foreign sources of food while so much potential is unexpressed. 

Ours isn't at all an isolated situation in the rest of the developed world. Predictions are that world agricultural global production output will decline by 16% by 2020. While imported foods tend to be cheaper when in volume, the social and ecological costs of global food production and shipping have a very heavy price for the environment, for us and  future generations. The vision of this project is for a sustainable food-agricultural system that produce supplies of safe healthy food, avoid soil depletion that put crops at risk, protect natural resources and enhance wildlife, habitats and cultural heritage, and provide jobs in rural areas, contributing to a diverse rural economy.


First stage of the project is a baseline food system mapping, essentially everyone in the bioregion food chain, from producers to food transports, from restaurants and schools to food waste. This investigation encourages a vision of locally-based food self-reliance. So far we mapped almost a thousand of local protagonists of the food scenario. It is a risk assessment to ensure food security needs in the area. This is not with the intention of withdrawing from the global community. Rather, by acknowledging and encouraging our abundance at a local level we can encourage and support others to do the same. With full bellies and hearts, we can all grow differently than now and participate in creating a culture of peace and plenty locally and globally.


Here is our map... in continue evolution! Sign up to know more!


The map is not the territory

Alfred Korzybski 


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