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Teenagers in Nature


MARCH 2021

Join us for 5 days residential course in the Highlands of Scotland. 21st-century leaders catered a considerable amount of time within the Pandemic crisis period to their little nest and researches explain as this time has led people to reflect on themselves with new dimensions.

The new paradigm of regenerative leadership is rapidly emerging.

This course addresses way of learning from living systems to apply the characteristics of regenerative DNA for organisations, social systems, and wider civilisation with the focus of finding underpins of these challenges.

Regenerative leaders are now required to step up and manifest their empowerment  to rebuild our society, not just from a forever changed post-pandemic life, but to be ahead of the game with the climate future challenge. 

2022 programme soon to be promoted, starting in Autumn. Please, watch this space.

Spinner Dolphins

Mission: Life-affirming

Regenerative leaders’ scope of life-affirming is not limited to quality operations of their organisation, but also to enhance their employees life situations and the gobal economy/ecology.

These leaders make a safe space to grow

and evolve for employees.

Immense learning through the failures of our times are an opportunity for people to come across innovative ideas.

Vision: Ever-changing & Respons-Able

Regenerative leaders act as facilitators for

self-organising teams in responsive systems, where responses are much faster and accurate compared to traditional mechanistic models. Regenerative approach empowers employee groups to make ground-based decisions on the values of the company. 

Trees From Above
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