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Our multi-disciplinary team draw from diverse backgrounds and extensive experience to ensure our job deliveries are sourced, evaluated and executed in an effective and thorough manner.  We work with extended group of practitioner partners, gathered under the umbrella of circular economy and low carbon innovation.

We are committed to offering our clients a professional and personalised service, using sometimes also outdoor contexts to support organisations in the design or redesign of services out of the box, including other aspects of their strategy including HR and partnership development, governance, and outcomes development.

We aims to work with you to design not just systemic approaches but also aims to create systemic thinkers, models and specific key performance indicators. 
It's absolutely critical that organisations' whole team is on the same page and totally on board for the sustainability and innovation change that executives are undertaking and it's the same for our team. 



Circular Economy Innovation & Research Advisor

Experienced Advisor and Researcher working on circular economy with startups, individuals, public, private and third sector companies, such NGOs and large and medium organisations to rethink and redesign their economic approach with innovation.


Isabella is Chief Operating Officer at Aurora Sustainability. Lead at the Climate Innovation Hub Scotland North and Developer Manager at the circular economy consortium Green Grow Co-op Fungi Biorefinery.

She contributed worldwide in sustainable development and land design management with the blue economy and circular economy networks on carbon off-setting programmes for almost twenty years. 

Isabella works in International Business Development programmes to ensure thorough business analysis and therefore have the best possible solutions for barriers,  challenges and innovations.

Latest consultancy experiences includes working with, and for Perugia and Bologna Universities, Bologna and Singapore Municipalities, Climate-KIC UK&I, (ECCI) University of Edinburgh, Glasgow School of Art, SEPA, Scottish Development International, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Zero Waste Scotland and Skills Development Scotland. 





Business Development Manager Singapore

Parvathy (Paru) is Aurora Group Business Development Manager for the Singaporean branch and founder/managing director of Green In Future Singapore. She leads the Singaporean team and works towards the company goals by organising workshops, events, research programs in sustainability strategy and green urban development.

She heads role of Editor & Publishing manager for Green Pulse, a digital platform from Green In future that disseminates the technological know-how and news of the Green Community.

Paru has over 13 years of industrial experience, and has a strong background in environmentally sustainable technologies, and promotes sustainability.

Dr Parvathy has developed flagship events like Sustainable Infrastructure.  In the span of over ten years, she has worked closely with government authorities & regulators in Singapore, Malaysia and India on Sustainable projects.  With a 12+ years’ experience in Media industry, she is passionate on Sustainability, Urban Greenery, and Circular Economy and organised global sustainability events.

Key Skills 

  • Excellent communication skills and public relation skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and presence of mind

  • Ability to work within a fast-paced and constantly changing environment 

  • Confidence & drive to exceed expectations

  • Self-motivated to work independently, with team support

Ewan Ramsay

Chief Financial Officer at Green Grow Co-op 

Business Development and Marketing Manager Climate Innovation Hub North

Ewan provides the Aurora's group with guidance on regulation, certification, export procedures, documentation and export strategies for new markets and also on financing of Green Grow Co-op, from an investment, debt and other funding streams. 

Ewan is a highly experienced and adaptable project manager and consultant with over 18 years’ experience following an earlier career in Banking and private equity investment. 

His experience covers a range of sectors including water resources, wastewater, water industry investment, renewable energy, technology innovation, community development and International Development, working in a range of international markets and conditions from mainland Europe and North America to remote and rural markets such as Scandinavia (including the Arctic Circle) and Eastern Africa. He has experience in working with a range of academic and private sector partners including technology innovation partners and providers and has the ability to work independently or as part of a wider team. 

Ewan’s key skills are in project management and new business start-up, as well as market analysis with a particular focus on SME Innovation and development, having worked with both the public and private sector within a range of settings and circumstances. Ewan is also Head of International Trade for Inverness Chamber of Commerce and Managing Director with the International Resources and Recycling Institute (IRRI) where he leads on a number of European and African projects.






Innovation and Product Development  Advisor

Design tutor, design research professional, design innovation consultant with excellent facilitation and communication skills. Significant experience of working with diverse groups of stakeholders to develop innovations in urban, rural and manufacturing sector. 

Research fellow and tutor within the Innovation School of the Glasgow School of Art. Main areas of research interest are currently in design innovation, and sustainable design specifically within the circular economy. For the past four years Pau has worked within a rural context delivering workshops specifically on the circular economy. He linked with rural maker networks and well as manufacturing and policy representation. He is well connected to rural creative and manufacturing networks. 

Over the last two years he devised and delivered a circular economy workshop programs to rural industry to highlight their potential for innovation and leadership in this emerging economic opportunity. His design workshops in a rural context covers the past four years working with diverse partners from health, the creative industries and manufacturing. Successful delivery of all the workshops demonstrates an organizational capacity and significant ability to manage multiple projects. He uses his design and  research expertise as part of his current professional practice, delivering and facilitating workshops  for industry that explore potential for  innovation.




Circular Economy Young Leader and Advisor 

Delfina has 7 years experience leading entrepreneurial and organizational inspiration as a stepping stone for business for good .

Her work focuses on helping individuals in business introduce purpose in their projects and careers through conscious decision making.

Her understanding of systems thinking as a fundamental education imperative for a resilient future translates into designing inclusive projects which build in a competitive advantage through their resource effectiveness (circular economy) and human-centered design.

She enables creative work spaces using collaborative processes, design thinking and systemic thinking approaches which inspire new impact business models whilst empowering individuals, increasing employee engagement and promoting value chains through partnership.

Delfina holds:

  • a MBA at University  of  Exeter  - Resilience   through   Resource   Effectiveness:   The   business   case   for   Southern  Water  

  • B.S.  Diplomacy  and  International  Relations  at Seton  Hall  University  European  Union  and  NATO  Studies  Delegate

  • Programmes Intern, Council of the Americas;

  • Public Policy Intern, Centro Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais (CEBRI).

  • Member: Organizing Team, Tedx Punta del Este 2013;

  • IDB Uruguay CONSOC; 2012

  • Global Campaign Team, Rio+You/Rio+Vos. IDB Youth Leader (2011)





International Development & Training Advisor

International sustainable development director, with £multi-million budget control and personnel management experience. A proficient chair of many programme, strategy and policy groups; motivational speaker; visiting lecturer and researcher with detailed technical experience. Specialist in strategy; major infrastructure;  innovation and business start-up;  management systems and training. Established charities, community interest and limited liability companies. 

International training course delivery for startups and innovation. 

Detailed training and mentoring for green tech/clean tech and low carbon startup, individuals and high potential companies. These range from micro rural businesses to future global interest companies.

Ability to provide detailed individual or team leadership coaching and mentoring across a wide range of rural business activity.

Ability and experience in designing and delivering leadership skills across a diverse range of business activity. 

Leadership provision at both strategic, operational, financial and practical skills levels. 

Mike holds:

  • MSc – Applied Remote Sensing and Natural Resource Management, Cranfield; BA – Geography, Sheffield; Diploma in Environmental Management – British Safety Council.

  • PhD – Finance and Infrastructure

  • PTLLS Level 4 Teaching Qualification;

  • CIEH Professional Trainers Certificate;

  • NEBOSH Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety; Lead Auditor - ISO14001; ISO9001;

  • European Foundation for Quality Management,

  • Business Excellence Model Assessor.


Chief Executive Officer

Serial innovator. Trainer, Circular Economy and systems for sustainability, Special interests in all things mycelium related and capturing waste or low grade heat. Member of Moray LEADER Programme. Bagpiper. Mountaineer.

Sustainability Specialist at Johnston of Elgin. Founder, CEO and director of Aurora Sustainability Consultancy, focused in Sustainability Learning toolkits.​ Iain is a mentor for the Climate-KIC UK at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), University of Edinburgh. 


He provides guidance in using sustainability frameworks as the Natural Step and Circular Economy and improving understanding between disciplines on what sustainability means in any given situation. 

Iain's fosters understanding between disciplines allows for effective communication and planning. He gives guidance on enhancing environmental management systems to embrace sustainability principles to transform them into strategic planning tools.

In Scotland, Iain has been working across the public, private, third and education sectors as an advisor for IS014001 Environmental Management System in "sustainable strategic development" and for community garden projects development. Iain is Guest Lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art Innovation Campus Highlands and Islands. Currently Iain is also Chair of the Board of Transition Town Forres. He is also a member of the Local Action Group for the LEADER programme in Moray and Scottish Representative for the EU financed Erasmus+ Sircle Project for developing an Educational Curriculum for Social Enterprise and Resilient Communities.

​Serial multi awarded inventor and designer of Green Grow -circular economy showcase- and Whirligro -vertical growing platform- which is a protected design in the EU. 

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