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Iain Findlay

Founder, CEO and director of Aurora Sustainability Consultancy, focused in Sustainability Learning toolkits.​ Iain is a mentor for the Climate-KIC UK at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), University of Edinburgh. 


He provides guidance in using sustainability frameworks as the Natural Step and Circular Economy and improving understanding between disciplines on what sustainability means in any given situation. 

Iain's fosters understanding between disciplines allows for effective communication and planning. He gives guidance on enhancing environmental management systems to embrace sustainability principles to transform them into strategic planning tools.

In Scotland, Iain has been working across the public, private, third and education sectors as an advisor for IS014001 Environmental Management System in "sustainable strategic development" and for community garden projects development. Iain is Guest Lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art Innovation Campus Highlands and Islands. 

Currently, Iain is a member of the Local Action Group for the LEADER programme in Moray and Scottish Representative for the EU financed Erasmus + Sircle Project for developing an Educational Curriculum for Social Enterprise and Resilient Communities.

​Serial multi awarded inventor and designer of Green Grow -circular economy showcase- and Whirligro -vertical growing platform- which is a protected design in the EU. 

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