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What we do









We provide an array of tools, workshops,

audits, mentoring and consulting services

to support circular and climate innovation for social, private 

and public enterprises, C-Suite Managers,

Boards and consultants.

All of us at Aurora Group spent a lot of time collaborating and learning  with industry experts to develop tools that help transition

organisations to a low carbon economy and produce more

robust and profitable businesses

  • Tools that help organisations measure and reduce resources, water, waste, and energy.

  • Tools that help local governments and organisations from policy making to in the early stage of planning and design of precincts, buildings and associated infrastructure.

  • Tools that help educate local communities on sustainability and tackle the challenge of climate change.

  • Tools that help mainstream and embed sustainability and assist reporting.

  • Tools involving qualified mentoring programs to empower future leaders in business: tertiary sector, women, youth and disadvantaged categories.

  • Tools for nationally accreditated Stakeholder Engagement programs.

Our latest events include key note speech, trainings, certification, workshops and mentoring for:  

  • Alliance for Water Stewardship AWS certification - NHS Highlands

  • Circular Economy Skills Demand in Scottish Manufacturing - Zero Waste, Skills Development Scotland

  • Climate-KIC Accelerator Startup Mentoring - Trainings

  • Climate Launchpad Competition Bootcamp 

  • Circular Economy for integrated Educational Curriculum - Zero Waste Scotland 

  • Creating a Circular Economy Shared platform for Water Sector in India - Scottish Development International 

  • Circular Economy in practice: Earth Overshoot Day - SEPA, Zero Waste Scotland, Saltire Entrepreneurial Scot.

  • Bioeconomy in the contest of Circular Economy - Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  • How to improve "Sustainability Strategy, skills and ability"

  • Doing Business Better: an introduction to the Natural Step Sustainability framework

  • Circular and Blue Economy introduction

  • Applied Sustainability 

Take a deep dive into the latest wave of sustainability innovation which is generating jobs (millions of them), turning waste into revenues streams, saving revenues through the use of  groundbreaking technologies and delivering a new way to problem solve some of the greatest issues of our time both locally and globally.


With Aurora Group you will find out how to achieve your

economic, social and environmental goals.

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