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Trowel and Soil


Growing taste from waste

Our company designs circular economy and bio-economy approaches for environment restoration, food security improvement and reintroducing nutrients into the production loops. For this purpose as a consultancy firm we have an innovative business model that showcases our core business and helps to diversify our business profits and investments. We pride ourselves to 'walk the talk' and advise other in how to move towards a circular economy development that have also experienced first hand with prototyping into a practical business.















Green Grow is our own first pilot of a Scottish circular economy design model, aiming to clusters a profitable model for social and private companies and commercialise environmentally friendly products and services.

Green Grow manufactures mushroom/mycelium products with bio-based processes and technologies by recovering green bioresources considered as waste and wasted energy such as:

  • sawdust

  • spent grains from breweries

  • coffee coffee grounds

  • waste heat from whisky distilleries and other industries

All of the above are our feedstocks of choice for sustainable and environmental friendly health, food, feed and soil products. All these bio-resources contains lignin and have excellent properties for reuse, realised and implemented through a cascading utilisation, through mushroom growing systems. Those staggering wastage losses emerge as a significant environmental hotspot in the FAO  2013 Report: Food wastage footprint, Impact on natural resources.

The technical problems have been assessed and we are trying to solve them. One of the main challenges is smart collecting and combining unintelligently scattered bio-resourses feedstock utilisation into a single place. And, if connecting a complimentary feedstock supply to our current industries remains a challenge, then innovation must happen on the product-side too.


Green Grow has a solution. The pilot has been multi-awarded nationally and internationally and is partly financed by an Innovation Grant from Highlands and Island Enterprise. 


Green Grow, after two years of successfully prototyping with a well known Speyside Whisky Distillery, is now in the process to scale up the system with a modular 'ready to grow service' dedicated to rural communities retailers, farmers, brewery and whisky industry and whoever - but not only - has residual heat to be reallocated in growing system shipping containers.





Green Grow is a new initiative aimed at developing all aspects of rural community life and ensuring, while empowering, the sustainability of each community. 

It is a dynamic process focused on maximising wasted bio-resources, food and energy supply. 

Aspects directly related to the most critical social issues affecting sustainable development: poverty, job creation, income levels, access to social services, gender disparity, population growth, agricultural production, climate change, the environment, security issues and migration.


Green Grow Club innovation is a model where we applied appropriately circular economy principles, to realise a profitable business for rural communities, farmers and other stakeholders.  

This innovative approach works towards stabilising social and climate issues in rural and urban areas. The combination of clean technologies and sustainable development enables a small community or farmers to self-finance themselves with food production, improving waste management and rebuild natural capital, with producing top soil and biodiversity.

We have developed an automated, monitored system to replicate nature condition for mushroom production in beautifully refurbished shipping containers to supply dry and fresh gourmet mushrooms to the edible and health markets.

We are also​ investing in R&D for promising mushroom/mycelium outputs for food eco-packaging,​ ​bio-plastic, fish feed, compost for land restoration.

We offer a number of refurbished container models/production clusters including:

- a 'ready to grow', energy self sufficient small scale / flexible, subscription model to social enterprises  and small holdings (suitable for the ones without residual heat available);

- 'a ready to grow', scaled-up on-farm model, using, channeling waste heat, where to allocate also electric self-charging points for reverse logistic operations. 


Through a subscription or a retail agreement we provide to our associates:

-landfill cost savings and resource efficiency management

-refurbished containers growing system with a monitored framework

-the know-how for the production

-guaranteed revenues streams, providing e-commerce platform and finding suitable market routes for the production

The mushroom products we aim to produce and manufacture with our partners at this stage are primarily dedicated to food and health industries.


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