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Climate Launchpad
Upcoming May and June Horizon Forres Moray
Highlands and Island Circular Economy and low Carbon Growth - workshops and events From September 2016 to September 2017
Supported by Zero Waste Scotland
SEPA Innovation Service
7-8 May 2016 - 100% Resilient Food Security 0% Waste

Exclusive in Scotland The Natural Step and Circular Economy together: TNS Level1

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Initiative Forum March 2016:

Into the Foodture – Feeding Change

Sweden Jarna - Saturday, 26th of March to Thursday, 31st of March


7 March at 19:00 Common Well Moray Elgin
The Politics of Food for Scotland

with Richard Lochhead, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food, Environment and  Isabella Guerrini de Claire, sustainability and land management advisor.

20th November

Sustainability... what do you mean and how? A shared language for a regenerative economy and society

Scotland Elgin: Forum for Sustainability Moray TSIMoray

This brief course will take participants deeper into different sustainability frameworks that are already in use and how we can begin to use them to plan and take action immediately and in such a way that planning and doing can be justified in terms of sustainability principles and financial viability. We aim to facilitate the transition of individuals and organisations towards sustainability through the whole life-cycle of a sustainability strategy. Further learning opportunities and the option to become involved in on-going sustainability initiatives will also be discussed.


11th November

Sustainability... what do you mean? Introductory session

Scotland Elgin: Forum for Sustainability Moray TSIMoray

This half hour introduction will help the Forum members begin to understand what sustainability means and what tools are available for us to use. By using a common language and such frameworks we can make progress towards our common future. We will deliver brief introductions to The Natural Step, Circular Economy and The Blue Economy frameworks. The goal of the session is to allow people to understand enough about them to decide if they wish to delve deeper in another, free session the next week.

1st October 2015 - Scotland Findhorn The Park

Presentation Sunday slot

Resilience... Sustainability? What on earth do you mean?


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