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7-8 May 2016 Exclusive in Scotland TNS and Circular Economy together: The Natural Step Level 1 - 100

The Natural Step Level 1 - 7/8 May 2016 Moray - 100% Resilient Food Security and 0% Waste - Venue TBC

£435.60–£544.50 sliding scale - bursaries on requests

For the first time in Scotland, The Natural Step and Circular Economy Frameworks are working together to involve food stakeholders to define and explore sustainability and create a Sustainable Food System in the North of Scotland.

The course is open to everybody and it has a special access requirements for Scottish Food Stakeholders. We will support their access via invitation and with the support of strategic Food stakeholders.

It will introduce to the indispensable sustainability framework we are using to create Building Food Resilience, designing a sustainable food system in the North of Scotland.

TNS level 1 course takes place over two consecutive days and builds upon more than 25 years of practical experience and results in coaching sustainability champions who are leading their organisations toward a sustainable future. * A leader is anyone with the passion, courage and competence to step out and make a difference.

Lets make our unique Scottish recipe! Here are our ingredients: local growers, suppliers, food and drink manufacturers and food service providers. We will work also with research and academic institutions to highlight the important role that every part of the food, drink and nutrition sector plays in designing a better, sustainable, healthy future for yourself and your food and drink business.

For info and to apply:

THE CONTEXT - SUSTAINABILITY is about creating the kind of world we want for ourselves, our neighbours, and future generations. By charting a sustainable path forward, this framework is helping organisations mitigate risk and capture opportunity. Organisations as diverse as Nike, the City of Eindhoven, and Carillion PLC are using The Natural Step’s strategic approach to sustainability to transform the way they make decisions and plan for the future. The Natural Step supports leaders* in developing the knowledge, skills and tools they need to take bold steps toward sustainability.

COURSE OVERVIEW LEVEL 1 This intensive 2-days practical course is designed to give you a solid grounding in a proven framework and planning methodology used to guide sustainability change efforts and to identify key messages to communicate to build organisational buy-in. While this course provides a foundational knowledge of the core concepts of sustainability and the Natural Step Framework (also known as Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development), the focus is on participation and practical experience with plenty of opportunities for dialogue and hands-on application. This course provides also prerequisite for The Natural Step’s advanced Certificate Course in Sustainability and Change (Level 2). All participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information about The Natural Step and its course offerings, please visit:

Soon more on venue, pricing, course contents and certificate.


Berend Aanraad

TNS Intenational General Secretary Board - Executive Director Netherlands

Berend is has a strong focus on value creation, facilitation and systems change and works with municipalities, housing associations universities and businesses throughout Europe. Core of his work is the development of resilient communities and organizations that meet the needs of those communities.

Berend has worked with clients such as Philips, City of Eindhoven, Province of Brabant, Woonbedrijf, EPEA, Biomimicry Institute, DLL Asset Management, Chemson, Brainport Industries, DSM, Interface Inc. and many others.

Prior to joining The Natural Step Netherlands, Berend founded the International Center for Sustainable Excellence (ICSE), where he was responsible for concept development and international partnerships, he helped World Life Foundation setup combined education- and reforestation projects in Kenya and worked as Chair and Program Director Sustainable Value Chains at Sustainable Enterprise Foundation.

Currently Berend is working on the expansion of the Dutch office and establishing new offices in England and Scotland and is part of The Natural Step’s International Board.

Iain Findlay

Advisor Scotland / Local Host

Iain is founder and director of Aurora Sustainability Consultancy, focused in Sustainability Learning. He provides guidance in using sustainability frameworks and improving understanding between disciplines on what sustainability means in any given situation.

Iain's fosters understanding between disciplines allows for effective communication and planning. He provides guidance on enhancing environmental management systems to embrace sustainability principles to transform them into strategic planning tools. Iain is energetic about the need for environmental responsibility in our changing world, from small to big actions, being for many years a fierce environmental activist, until he discovered Sustainability approach and solutions of TNS.

Above all, Iain is a Scottish piper, geodesic dome builder, a gardener/teacher, successful inventor of sustainable solutions for food vertical growing. Currently Iain is Directory Board of Transition Town Forres and Scottish Representative for the EU financed Erasmus+ Sircle Project for developing an Educational Curriculum for Social Entreprises and Resilient Communities.

In Scotland Iain has been working across the public, private, third and education sectors as advisor for IS014001 Environmental Management System in sustainable strategic development and for for community garden projects development.

Iain holds a Master Degree in Business and Environental Studies at the Glasgow Uni and he is diplomated in Strategic sustainable development at Blekinge Institute of Technology and Lund University - Sweden. The program (originally called Real Change, now Alliance for Strategic Sustainable Development) was launched on 9 May 2008 at The Natural Step’s Leadership Challenge in Stockholm, with help from His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden. The Natural Step is the main promoter of the Framework with a network of accredited advisors and associates who provide a quality benchmark in its application.

Isabella Guerrini De Claire

Advisor Italy-Scotland / Local Host

Isabella is a management resource person of the Findhorn Foundation. Founder and director of Aurora Sustainability Consultancy, she is focused in project management. Isabella supports projects and clients from the initial "seed" development, stakeholders partnership and resources funding, through to the strategic management and sustainability achievement.

Isabella provides project strategy support across the team and leads sustainability integrative design and marketing delivery, to support programmes and organisations, ensuring they have the best possible solutions for their challenges and innovations.

She contributed in sustainable development for almost twenty years. Isabella has been working with selected partners and clients, helping them making transition to sustainability, delivering many programmes worldwide Italy, Scotland, Croatia, Middle East, Indonesia, Usa and more. She helped successfully local farms thrive in international context, EU partnerships for the economic development of local food linking farmers to markets, supporters and funds, building healthy communities through making connections to culture, tourism, landscape and local sustainable food systems. She is also involved in the Circular and Blue Economy networks with her experience as advisor in sustainability development.

Diploma in Circular Economy, Degree in Agri-business at Perugia University, specialised in land design management. Phd in Land Restoration at Perugia Uni. Educator, writer, author and group and workshop leader. Isabella has developed an educational curriculum for sustainable living, a systemical approach with groups, managers, staff, children and families and disadvantaged people based on the teaching of the Center for Ecoliteracy of Berkeley, California.


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