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Asian Vibes

At Aurora, in the last 8 months, we have been experiencing a consistent and growing interest for advisory from Asian countries, especially for our Circular Economy work through showcasing. Singapore, Hong Kong and expecially India showed us a great deal of engagement. We felt we needed to ground in Scotland before taking a leap too far abroad and today we are delighted to announce that from our Circular Economy showcase in the Highlands have been financed recently by the Indian investor Yeoman Sustainable Technology, really keen to create sustainable design systems for their country. They are now our shareholders and partners in business. We changed the paradigm of bringing investments to Asian countries and we are bringing to Scotland funds and high skilled people to cooperate in creating new business models.

With the support and endorsement of Highlands and Island Enterprise and and Zero Waste Scotland for which we deliver Circular Economy mentoring and workshops in the Highlands. HIE also gave us with the Innovation Grant to build our Circular Economy pilot with a famous Speyside Whisky Distillery.

Finalist for Circular Economy at Vibes Awards

Moreover, with the Scottish Development International, we are part of a team of 30 Scottish businesses and advisors selected for the Hydro Nation Programme - Scottish governmental programme - to support abroad the transition to Innovation from a linear business approach to a regenerative business innovation strategy.

The world’s agricultural system faces a great balancing act. To meet different human needs, by 2050 it must simultaneously produce far more food for a population expected to reach about 9.6 billion, provide economic opportunities for the hundreds of millions of rural poor who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods, and reduce environmental impacts, including ecosystem degradation and high greenhouse gas emissions. Asian countries, more than others, are taking spectacular steps towards a regenerative business culture.

We feel that from Scotland we will be soon ready to bring Circular Economy and innovative business models from Scotland to India.

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